Debbie Ross

Founded in 2013, Kitty’s is a small Irish food company and home of Turf Sauce; an original recipe, sweet and tangy sauce made with Irish Stout.

My love for food and cooking is soaked in childhood memories; watching my Grandmother churn butter into yellow bricks of salted goodness; my Mother’s Sunday roasts, freshly baked soda bread, cakes and pies; my Father’s return from a fishing trip, freshly caught trout sautéing gently in butter.

Over the years my cooking has become an intrinsic part of who I am. My idea of heaven is seated around my kitchen table with family and friends sharing food, stories and laughter… the perfect ingredients for making memories!

With Kitty’s, I hope to bring the food that I love from my kitchen to yours.

Born and ‘braised’ in Co Offaly, I lived in South Africa for 8 years and now live in Dublin with my husband and son.

Unless specified, all content and images are my own. If you wish to use elsewhere, please do contact me first – Thanks Debbie


Kitty 0'Byrnes by Kitty O'Byrnes