Turf Sauce @ Christmas

christmas-turf-chalkboard2We all know the usual suspects on the menu this Christmas, everything from Smoked Salmon, Turkey, Brussels Sprouts, Baked Ham, Stuffing and Nut Roasts will take their place at the table.

With paper hats atop our heads (well some of us anyway), we pull crackers and dive in as though we have never tasted Turkey before. Afterwards buttons are loosened, the table deserted and forty winks help prepare for the next round.

Understandably, some will have had their fill of Turkey, more than happy to wait another year for the traditional dinner thank you very much. For others it is a good excuse to use up all that leftover food in curries, pies and sandwiches.

So here are just a few ways to add flavour to your Christmas favourites or help reinvent those tired leftovers lurking in your kitchen with Kitty O’Byrnes Turf Sauce.

Whatever is on your menu this Christmas, whether you are cooking or being fed, we hope you have a very lovely, happy and yummy Christmas.

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